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hotel staff unhappy with job

25% of Hospitality Workers Don’t Want to Return To The Industry

Nearly one third of former hospitality workers say they will not return to the industry, as per a survey by Joblist. The reason cited for this is lower pays and benefits. The lack of satisfactory pay has left many workers frustrated, as they contemplate leaving the industry altogether.

Among the major reasons that came out from the survey that have led to worker frustration are – low pay, unsatisfactory bennefits, stressful workplace, work overload, etc. Hospitality sector is not the only one where the employees are frustrated. It is the same story across many industry segments.

Massive layoffs, increased responsibilities as well as work-from-home trend since last year have led many people to consider switching their careers. Some people have been forced to look for other career choices as they lost their jobs because the company downsized or shut down. Other people are voluntarily considering a shift of career choice.

A staggering 50% of the hospitality staff said they wouldn’t return to their previous job while one-third said they wouldn’t want to return to the industry itself. This survey, which was first reported by Bloomberg, was conducted by website Joblist, as it interviewed nearly 13,000 people.

Already the hospitality industry is reeling from shortage of staff, and now this survey raises further alarm bells. It brings to the forefront the frustration, dissatisfaction and woes of the hospitality industry workers. Their plight had not received this much attention earlier, but now after the pandemic wrecked havoc everywhere, all these various undermined issues are raising their heads.