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People Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Travel - Google Data

People want eco-friendly travel

50% Travellers Ready To Spend More For Eco-Friendly Travel

As per Google statistics, most global travelers want to travel more sustainably, and over half are willing to pay a premium for it, but only one-third know how to make such decisions.

The search engine giant performed research in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Germany, which it revealed at Travel Weekly’s Sustainability Summit, for which the search company was the headline sponsor.

According to Google, 82% of consumers think sustainability is more on their minds now than before the pandemic, and there will be a 70% increase in the number of travelers seeking sustainable travel choices in 2021.

It also discovered that 46% of travellers are ready to spend more than 2% more for a carbon-neutral flight, and 71% believe travel businesses should provide more sustainable options.

According to the study, 37% of worldwide respondents do not know how to make their travel choices more sustainable

Finnbar Cornwall, Google’s industry leader for travel, mentioned how Google last month included carbon emissions statistics on its flights in search results.

He claims that firms who take efforts toward sustainability may improve their image, demonstrate to customers that they are creative, keep ahead of new legislation, and earn from “financial gains.”

“One thing that has come up is that consumers are looking to brands to lead the way in how they can make sustainable choices,” he told delegates. “People want sustainability to feel positive, not overwhelming. They want it to be effortless and included, not extra. People want to be rewarded for their progress, not wait for perfection.”

 He urged travel companies to “move sustainability away from being a hugely difficult issue and toward minor improvements” and “pivot to positive,” as well as to “measure impacts” and “understand insights.”

However, he stated that “I have yet to see a leader” in the tourism business in terms of sustainability.