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Data On How Many Travelers Flew U.S. Airlines In 2021

USA Air Travel Figures 2021

600+ Million Passengers Flew By Airplane In USA In 2021

Data On How Many Travelers Flew U.S. Airlines In 2021

Last year, more than 670 million people traveled through air in the United States, a major rise from 2020 but still short of pre-pandemic levels. There was an 83% rise from 2020 but still 245.9 million less passengers compared to 2019, a 27% reduction.

According to Reuters, domestic journeys accounted for 88% of all passengers in 2019, and around 91% of all trips in 2021. Business travel has also suffered with demand remaining around 51% lower than pre-pandemic levels.

While recovery had been slow, it has been picking up pace recently when the Omicron started spreading. This again halted the speed of recovery but many airlines are hopeful that recovery will again pick up pace from March, after the brief Omicron disruption.  Flight rates are likely to rise through the first half of 2022, with the highest single-month increase being forecast in the month of March, just in time for spring break.

Though passenger traffic continues to increase, several pandemic-era measures will remain in effect, such as wearing mask while on the aircraft, which has been extended until at least March 18, and carrying hand sanitizer.