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AAHOACON 21 Was a Huge Success

AAHOACON21 was a huge success. Thousands of people attended the 3 day event held in Texas. It brilliantly showcased the die-hard fighting spirit of the hospitality industry. The Texan Governor Greg Abbott also graced the occasion with his presence.

It was great to see so many hoteliers come together after a long time. Last year the event was held virtually. Virtual events are not as much fun.

It is during real events that people can meet other industry professionals and get a chance of face-to-face interaction with the industry’s elite leadership.

As such it was a wonderful opportunity to attend the event. We met a lot of people, many of those whom we knew from years as well as built some new acquaintances. Such events are great for networking purposes.

Besides networking, you can also gain lots of fresh insights from key industry players as you listen to keynote speakers and also while conversing with other experienced veterans.

It was quite pleasing to see lot of young professionals attend the event. These young professionals are the future of the hospitality industry as they will take over the key positions in the coming years and decades. These young, enthusiastic professionals got a chance to meet with senior guys and learn a lot from them.

Hope that the youngsters attending the event were able to pick up many valuable lessons which can prove valuable to them. Events such as these provide an opportunity to industry veterans to mentor and groom these youngsters and spot people with high potential.

We stumbled upon some big guys and did not let go of the opportunity as we asked them questions and recorded their answers. We also made a few of these guys commit to us for a longer, in-depth interview in future as shall grill them with dozens of important questions in order to know their thoughts and opinions.

In the coming days we shall be sharing tons of photos that we clicked at the convention as we tried to capture the memorable moments. Make sure to check back our website or subscribe to receive notifications or updates when we share exciting new content.