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Generation T Travel Trends

A staggering 72% of 18-24-year-olds are gearing up to travel overseas in the next 12 months, surpassing all other age groups

ABTA Unveils 2024 Travel Trends with Generation T Leading the Way

As 2024 approaches, ABTA – The Travel Association has identified 18-24-year-olds, dubbed Generation T for their travel enthusiasm, as the most prolific travelers in the upcoming year. Revealed at the annual Travel Trends conference, ABTA outlined ‘Four Trends for ’24,’ shedding light on the travel plans and preferences of this age group.

A staggering 72% of 18-24-year-olds are gearing up to travel overseas in the next 12 months, surpassing all other age groups, according to ABTA’s research. 

Despite being known for their love of city breaks, this generation is diversifying its travel experiences. Adventure holidays, camping trips, major sports events, train holidays, and food and drink-based breaks are all on their radar, with significantly higher interest compared to the average traveler.

Italy takes the top spot as the preferred holiday destination for Generation T in 2024, followed by France, the USA, Spain, and Germany. While they exhibit a strong appetite for travel, cost considerations weigh heavily on their minds. ABTA reports that 93% of 18-24-year-olds anticipate the cost of living influencing their travel plans in the next year.

Despite financial constraints, only 4% of this age group state they won’t travel at all due to rising living costs, a lower percentage than the wider population at 10%. Generation T is adapting to economic challenges by seeking budget-friendly alternatives. Strategies include booking cheaper accommodation (32%), taking fewer holidays (27%), eating out less on holiday (25%), and opting for cheaper transport options (24%).

Graeme Buck, Director of Communications at ABTA, highlights the enduring appeal of Generation T in the travel industry, stating, “18-24-year-olds have been increasingly keen to get out and see the world over the last few years.” He emphasizes their attractiveness as a market, noting their higher-than-average number of holidays and a preference for longer trips.

ABTA’s ‘Four Trends for ’24’ encompass not only Generation T but also highlight the rise of ‘Shoulder Shoppers,’ the emergence of ‘The Holiday Neophiles’ embracing new destinations, and ‘Sustainability Selectors’ making travel decisions with environmental consciousness, particularly among young people and families.