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Accor Intensifies Water Stewardship Efforts with Innovative Initiatives

Accor Intensifies Water Stewardship Efforts with Innovative Initiatives

Accor is stepping up its commitment to water stewardship, implementing a range of initiatives to address water scarcity and quality concerns globally. The hotel group’s efforts focus on three key areas: water quantity and quality, food and beverage value chain, and guest engagement.

In the realm of water quantity and quality, Accor is actively working to reduce water consumption through efficiency measures and improve water quality by avoiding chemical-based products and fighting micro-plastic pollution. For instance, Mövenpick Petra has converted 90% of its hotel rooms from bathtubs to walk-in showers, leading to a significant reduction in water usage.

To address the water footprint of its food and beverage sector, Accor is prioritizing initiatives to reduce waste, promote sustainable sourcing, and offer guests sustainable dining options. Additionally, the company has partnered with BE WTR to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from its properties by 2025, providing guests with a sustainable alternative.

In terms of guest engagement, Accor is empowering guests to contribute to water conservation efforts. The “Skip the Clean” project encourages guests to forgo daily room cleaning to conserve water and energy, while also earning loyalty points.

Beyond its own operations, Accor is fostering collaboration through international coalitions to develop shared solutions for environmental and social challenges. The company has signed the CEO Water Mandate, committing to continual progress in water stewardship across various areas.

Brune Poirson, Chief Sustainability Officer at Accor, emphasized the importance of these efforts, stating, “Water is a vital resource that underpins our operations and the well-being of the communities we serve. Therefore, Accor is dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions and experiences that make every stay a contribution to society and the environment.”