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Airbus Seeks Passionate Talent for Global Expansion

With over 134,000 employees across its global operations, Airbus has been recognized as a top employer in Europe

Airbus Seeks Passionate Talent for Global Expansion

Airbus, a leading aerospace company, is inviting aviation enthusiasts to join its rapidly growing sector as it aims to recruit over 13,000 individuals worldwide in 2023. Despite the challenges posed by the labor market, Airbus has already filled more than 7,000 positions and is actively working to fill the remaining vacancies to support its production ramp-up and decarbonization goals.

The company is offering numerous job opportunities across various fields, including manufacturing, engineering, cybersecurity, software engineering, and new propulsion technologies such as hydrogen, cryogenics, and fuel cells. A significant portion of the recruitment will focus on recent graduates, reflecting Airbus’ commitment to nurturing young talent. To strengthen this initiative, Airbus has extended its partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology for another five years as part of the Airbus Academic Program, which collaborates with selected top universities and schools worldwide.

In addition to these strategic programs, Airbus has expanded its academic partnerships to include 42 business schools and universities globally through agreements with CEMS and UNITECH. These collaborations will foster synergies in the aeronautical sector and contribute to the development of the next generation of aerospace professionals.

With over 134,000 employees across its global operations, Airbus has been recognized as a top employer in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region by the Top Employers Institute. This prestigious certification reflects Airbus’ commitment to excellence in people management and HR policies.

“We are happy to see that Airbus remains attractive despite the labour market challenges. Our recruitment efforts are paying-off and will continue to support our production ramp-up and company transformation,” said Thierry Baril, Chief Human Resources & Workplace Officer of Airbus. “We are focused on attracting, training and developing the best diverse talents in our company to help us shape the future of sustainable aerospace.”

For those interested in exploring the diverse range of opportunities available at Airbus, potential applicants and students can visit the company’s website at