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Airline Employee Travel Can Boost Hotel Bookings In 2022

Hotels can target millions of airline employees

Airline Employee Travel Can Boost Hotel Bookings In 2022- ID90 Travel

ID90 Travel, an airline employee travel agency, is targeting more than 2.5 million airline workers who take around 10 million trips each year to increase hotel income during off-peak periods. Because airline employees often fly for free when tickets are available, they can counterbalance the decrease in business travel by assisting hotels in filling rooms during off-peak hours.

Mike Stacy, CEO of ID90 Travel, said, “At a time when hotels are desperate to fill rooms vacated by business travelers, airline employees are more focused than ever on using their travel benefits to visit destinations where their bookings can make a huge difference for hoteliers.”

“This includes last-minute bookings, booking stays when occupancy is lowest (such as Sunday and Monday nights), booking in shorter windows, and booking cost-effectively via mobile device. The airline employees who use our online tools to book hotels worldwide are a pre-qualified, profitable customer base which can provide hoteliers with tremendous upside—and the time to tap them is now,” continued Mike.

Stats Pertaining to Airline Employee Travelers, According to ID90 Travel:

  • Spend an average of $180.00 each night and stay an average of 2.1 nights.
  • Make reservations at peak times.
  • 73% book within five days of arrival, and 43% book on the same day.
  • 70% Use mobile devices to book
  • Prefer travel to places that have been severely impacted by the drop in business travel, such as Las Vegas, New York, Houston, and Chicago.

Jeff Jackson, a general partner at Thayer Ventures and former CFO at Sabre Holdings, said, “There is huge potential for hotels to sell effectively to the millions of airline travelers who journey on non-revenue tickets each year, and ID90 Travel has opened a gateway to make it possible. This is an area of tremendous potential growth for the company and hoteliers around the world.”

ID90 Travel’s lodging platform allows workers of the aviation and travel industries (as well as their family and friends) to search for and book travel at industry prices. To locate favorable pricing, the booking engine technology links to a dozen various sources.