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Airlines Ordered To Treat Passengers With Courtesy

Airlines Urged to Deal With Passengers Decently & Nicely

Airlines Ordered To Treat Passengers With Courtesy

As increasing flight cancellations disrupt travel plans, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Department for Transport (DfT) have addressed a joint letter to airlines urging decent treatment of customers.

The letter is signed by CAA CEO Richard Moriarty and DfT Director General for Aviation Rannia Leontaridi.

“We recognize that many passengers continue to get to their destinations each day and that several airports, airlines, and travel operators have continued to deliver a good service despite pressures – and have taken measures recently to make further improvements.”

 “We want to ensure that passengers can access information about their rights as easily as possible in the event of a disruption.”

The Letter also stated that when a flight is grounded or severely delayed, airlines frequently neglect to advise passengers of their rights. If necessary, passengers have the right to be flown on a different airline. If a technical problem causes a flight to be canceled, the airlines must return the money. Airlines are also being instructed to keep in touch with passengers and let them know what to anticipate for their summer trip. Ensure that adequate resources are available at airports and contact centers to assist travelers and give any necessary help. Many customers have claimed that they are unable to contact the airline if a flight is canceled at the last minute.

The aviation officials warn: “If we do see breaches in meeting the legal obligations, the CAA stands ready to take forward appropriate action, and if we consider that passengers are not being appropriately treated further legislative reforms will be considered.”