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Allegiant Air Flight's Terrifying Turbulence

Severe turbulence affects Allegiant's flight as the aircraft dropped a staggering 5,000 feet in less than two minutes, throwing off those without seatbelts

Allegiant Air Flight’s Terrifying Turbulence: A Mid-Air Rollercoaster

In a harrowing incident, an Allegiant Air flight bound for Florida from Asheville, North Carolina, encountered severe turbulence, leaving four individuals injured, including two passengers and two flight attendants. The distressing event unfolded when the aircraft suddenly dropped a staggering 5,000 feet in less than two minutes, throwing off those without seatbelts, as reported by NBC Miami.

Passenger Lisa Spriggs recounted the alarming experience, stating, “More than halfway through descending and all of sudden we heard a small turbulence. The stewardess fell to the ground.” The situation escalated rapidly as the aircraft encountered major turbulence, causing the flight attendant to be thrown into the air, reminiscent of a scene from “the Matrix.” Witnessing her abrupt ascent and descent, Spriggs described how the flight attendant suffered a broken ankle in the chaos.

Further chaos ensued as some passengers, who were not securely fastened, were propelled into the plane’s ceiling. The impact caused overhead bins to open up, leading to objects breaking in some instances.

Emergency personnel rushed to the scene to assist the injured passengers and crew members, transporting them off the plane on stretchers. As of now, the extent of their injuries remains undisclosed.

The unexpected mid-air rollercoaster-like turbulence left passengers and crew members traumatized, raising concerns about flight safety and reminding travelers of the unpredictable nature of air travel. Investigations into the cause of the severe turbulence are underway to prevent such terrifying incidents in the future.