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American Airlines Website Glitch Causes Disruption for Hundreds of Customers

American Airlines Website Glitch Causes Disruption for Hundreds of Customers

A website glitch has caused frustration among American Airlines customers, as over 200 reports flooded into Downdetector on Wednesday morning (23rd August), detailing difficulties in accessing the airline’s website.

The majority of the reported issues pertained to problems with the website’s functionality, login procedures, and the online check-in process. However, the number of reported incidents has since decreased to fewer than 50, suggesting that the problem has been resolved.

Customers Express Concerns:

Concerned travelers who rely on American Airlines have taken to the Downdetector platform to voice their grievances about the ongoing website problems affecting the travel company.

One user shared their experience: “When trying to log in with an AAdvantage Number or User Name, I encounter an ‘Our system is having trouble’ message. (I attempted to log in using two different browsers, but both attempts were unsuccessful).”

Another user empathized, responding to the initial complaint: “I am encountering the same error message on both the app and the website. I reached out to American, and they confirmed that they are facing technical difficulties. Despite their efforts, I couldn’t log in. They advised me to attempt again later…”

A traveler expressed their concerns for an upcoming flight, stating, “This is the first time I’ve flown with AA in years, so this situation isn’t leaving me with a positive impression. I hope the issues are resolved by the time I reach the airport.”