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Atari Wishes to Construct Video Game Themed Hotels

Video Game Themed Hotels by Atari

Atari Wishes to Construct Video GameThemed Hotels

Atari Interactive believes it has a solution to reignite interest in the gaming brand: “Atari-themed hotels”.

On Monday, the business announced a partnership with a design firm to develop at least eight video-game-themed Atari Hotels in the United States, with the first one set to open later this year in Phoenix, Arizona.

The notion is undoubtedly out of the ordinary, but Atari believes it will resonate with the public at a time when the gaming business is expanding. The hotels will not only provide Atari-themed accommodation, but also plenty of video gaming, including the most recent VR and augmented reality experiences. In addition, some of the hotels will be built to accommodate esports events.

“Together, we’ll create a facility that is much more than just a place to stay,” stated Atari CEO Fred Chesnais in a statement.

“Atari is an iconic worldwide brand that speaks to people of all ages, nationalities, cultures, and ethnic origins, and we can’t wait for our fans and their families to experience this innovative hotel idea.”

 According to Atari, the hotels’ designs will be managed by GSD Group and movie producer Napoleon Smith III, who was behind the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot flicks. Meanwhile, the first building will be built by True North Studio, an Arizona-based real estate developer.

There are plans to build more hotels in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Austin, and San Jose. Customers who want to remain up to date on the initiative can sign up at

Meanwhile, Atari Interactive is gearing up to release a new retro-themed platform. The Atari VCS, which will be available in March for $249, will let you play 100 old Atari games as well as newer PC titles.