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Bowling Green Hotels Provide Lodging to Storm Victims and Utility Teams

Bowling Green Hotels Come To The Aid of Victims of Tornado

Bowling Green Hotels Provide Lodging to Tornado Victims and Utility Teams

The lodging and hospitality industry in Bowling Green is trying to provide accommodation to dislodged families and those affected by the tornado.

Telia Butler, Secretary for the BG Lodging Association said more than 20 hotels have formed an emergency group to cater to people needing a warm place to stay as well as other facilities like electricity, running water, etc.

Besides those displace by the tornado, there are utility teams and volunteer firemen from distant towns, as far as Michigan, who need a place to stay at night. So these hotels are offering them accommodation.

The South Central Kentucky was devastated by tornados and a severe weather system on December 11, 2021.

Time and again, hospitality industry has stepped up to the occasion to help people in times of natural disasters. This time again the hotels in Bowling Green, Southern Kentucky, are leading by example. Even though hotels have been majorly impacted by the pandemic, and now the tornado has caused lot of problems, still hotels are trying to do their small bit to help.