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Britain Faces Hottest Summer Which May Affect Its Tourism Industry

Hot Summer May Affect Britain's Tourism Prospects

Britain Faces Hottest Summer Which May Affect Its Tourism Industry

The first of five monstrous heatwaves scheduled to experience this summer Britain’s hottest ever will scorch sunseekers.

The Met Office predicted that temperatures in London might reach a “hazy” 23 degrees Celsius by tomorrow afternoon, with temperatures reaching higher than in areas of Turkey and Mexico during the following five days. The UK is expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius in the next two weeks, thanks to a plume of hot air coming in from Italy and France.

James Madden, the forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “The overall summer forecast is now pointing towards at least four or five major heatwaves. These will build throughout the summer months, but at the moment, August looks the most likely to bring these blasts of very hot weather. The first major spell of summer could arrive as soon as late May.”

Millions of people packed beaches, parks, and beer gardens over the weekend, with the south coast reaching 22 degrees Celsius yesterday. According to the Met Office’s three-month forecast, the likelihood of hot weather this summer is nearly double that of average years.

It predicted that the summer will be “much hotter than ordinary,” with just a 10% possibility that it would be cooler than usual. Meteorologist Alex Deakin predicts that high pressure caused by the jet stream “arching” north of the UK will intensify the hot weather by the end of the week.

According to British Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale, “We have two excellent weekends coming up but it will feel warm next weekend.”  The fiercest height on record in Britain, according to bookmakers, is expected this year.