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Canada Airport Robbery Results in Millions of Dollars Stolen

Canada airport robbery heist 2023

Canada Airport Robbery Results in Millions of Dollars Stolen

Toronto Airport was hit by a daring heist resulting in millions worth of gold and other valuable items being stolen.

The Canadian authorities are currently investigating the incident, which involved the theft of a ‘high value container’ containing at least $20 million worth of gold. The container vanished without being noticed.

According to local media, the stolen container contained over 1,600kg of gold.

Fortunately, the incident did not disrupt regular airport and passenger activities, as per the police. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority stated that the criminals gained entry to the cargo holding section through a neighboring company, whose entrance lies outside the airport’s secure premises. Currently, there have been no arrests made in connection with the robbery.

Regional Police Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn commented on the incident, “Our investigators have got their eyes opened to all avenues. We’re looking at all angles on how this item was stolen.”