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CDC Asks Americans To Avoid Travel to These 3 Countries

CDC Warns Against Traveling to NZ, Hong Kong and Thailand

CDC Asks Americans To Avoid Travel to These 3 Countries

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on Monday,7th March 2022 raised the travel warning level for three places, including two that had been free of the coronavirus for most of the pandemic period.

Because of very high levels of covid-19 cases, Americans are advised to avoid going to New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Thailand, according to the public health service update that placed these countries in the “Level 4” category.

Throughout the pandemic, New Zealand and Hong Kong had maintained severe travel restrictions, even as other popular locations reopened to the public with vaccination and testing requirements. However, fresh covid cases in both nations are on the rise.

New Zealand reportedly recorded about 24,000 new cases on Tuesday, while Thailand reported nearly 19,000 new cases. Hong Kong saw 43,000 new cases reported under a new self-reporting system.

On February 1, Thailand reintroduced its quarantine-free “Test & Go” program for properly vaccinated tourists. Other locations have taken lesser steps toward reopening. Hong Kong officials announced a minor reduction in quarantine restrictions from 21 to 14 days in late January. New Zealand has stated that it intends to progressively abolish all limitations by October.

To develop travel health advisories, the CDC considers the trajectory and number of new cases during the previous 28 days. Over the last 28 days, large destinations classed as “Level 4” have had an incidence rate of more than 500 new cases per 100,000 people. A Level 4 certification has been given to more than 130 locations.

Also on Monday, a few places were demoted from “Level 1” to “Level 3,” implying that visitors are advised to be fully vaccinated before traveling. Mexico, Anguilla, Fiji, the Philippines, Cape Verde, and the United Arab Emirates are among the other destinations.