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The Global News Source of Hotel & Lodging Industry Survey About Rising Airfare Prices in USA Study Reveals Dramatic Surge in International Airfare Prices Across U.S. Cities Study Reveals Dramatic Surge in International Airfare Prices Across U.S. Cities

Buckle up, travel enthusiasts, because has just unveiled their mind-blowing International Year-Over-Year Airfare Trend Study. With a staggering 128 million airfares under their microscope, takes us on a ride through the cities and regions experiencing jaw-dropping changes in airfare.

International airfare prices have soared to new heights, with an average increase of 18% compared to last year. We are talking an extra $168 per ticket!

Despite the sky-high prices, wanderlust prevails. Travel junkies refuse to let these soaring costs clip their wings. Yes, the demand for international travel remains unwavering, even if snagging a seat to certain destinations feels like a high-stakes game of chance. So, let’s uncover the top five cities grappling with the most spikes in international airfare compared to last year:

  1. Philadelphia, PA: A dizzying 23.5% increase in airfare.
  2. Miami, FL: A substantial 23.4% increase in airfare.
  3. Tampa, FL: A thrilling 22.2% increase in airfare.
  4. Charlotte, NC: A significant 22.1% increase in airfare.
  5. Fort Lauderdale, FL: A considerable 21.5% increase in airfare.

The study also sheds light on the twists and turns of flight costs across different international regions. While most regions witnessed soaring airfare prices, there’s one exception—the South Pacific/Oceania region. Prices in this region, home to dream destinations like Australia and New Zealand, actually decreased by 3%!

Let’s take a closer look at airfare changes across various international regions:

  1. Europe: A breathtaking 23.0% increase in airfare.
  2. Canada: Prices skyrocket with a substantial 22.4% increase in airfare.
  3. Asia: A notable 21.9% increase in airfare.
  4. Middle East: A significant 20.8% increase in airfare.
  5. Central America: A substantial 20.6% increase in airfare.
  6. South America: A good 20.3% increase in airfare.
  7. Caribbean: A moderate 17.9% increase in airfare.
  8. Africa: A modest 17.1% increase in airfare.
  9. Mexico: A slight 14.8% increase in airfare.