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Deloitte Travel Study Results 2022

Finance and Disruption Concerns Keep Some People Grounded

Deloitte’s Christmas Travel Study Results 2022

This year’s edition of Deloitte’s Christmas travel study provides more insights into emerging travel patterns. The study was conducted from September 6th to September 14th, 2022. Young tourists are still in the lead. Boomers, who had begun to return to the fold, are now hesitant once more.

Money and Disruption Worries Weaken Travel Demand:

  • Between Thanksgiving and mid-January, 31% of Americans expect to travel, down from 42% in 2021.
  • Non-travelers report that their financial condition is worse than it was in 2021, compared to 30% of leisure travelers.
  • Potential delays and cancellations rank alongside COVID-19 fears as travel deterrents, with 18% of non-travelers citing each as a reason to remain at home.
  • The average budget for those wanting to travel is $1,287. This statistic is mainly impacted by higher-income travelers, who are far more likely to travel and spend an average of $1,848 on each trip.
  • Three out of every four passengers believe their budget is the same as or less than in 2021.

Demand For More Travel Products Falls From A Busy Start To A Long-Tail Finish:

  • Demand for various travel categories will be down as fewer Americans travel, but hotels will take a larger blow than airlines.
  • 35% of passengers intend to stay in hotels (up from 37% in 2021); 15% intend to stay in rentals (up from 17% in 2021).
  • Domestic flight intent has increased marginally. International travel intent is increasing (17% of travelers compared to 10% in 2021).
  • Participation in on-site experiences is also likely to decline. This year, fewer travelers intend to participate in most paid activities. Events (such as concerts and sporting events) are a rare bright spot (29% vs. 23% in 2021).

Holiday Travel Intent Falls, Particularly For Leisure Trips Seeking Paid Lodging:

The fall in travel intent is mostly due to fewer Americans enjoying leisure vacations, while the number of Americans planning to visit friends and family remains unchanged from 2021.

  • Financial factors are the main constraint on travel demand this season, with 1 in 5 Americans staying at home citing concerns about travel delays at roughly 37%.
  • 30% said they would rather spend their money on other things.
  • 24% said they had no plans.
  • 18% are worried about Covid-19 and other illnesses.
  • 18% are anxious about airline delays/cancellations, etc.