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Destinations Gear Up for 2024 with New Tourism Taxes

New Travel Taxes Coming Soon

Destinations Gear Up for 2024 with New Tourism Taxes

As the travel landscape evolves in 2024, a wave of international destinations, particularly in Europe, is rolling out tourism taxes, adding potential costs for travelers. This move is aimed at addressing challenges like over-tourism and achieving environmental objectives.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Renowned for Europe’s highest tourism tax, Amsterdam plans an increase in 2024. Hotel taxes will rise from seven to 12.5 percent, along with an elevation in cruise ship passenger tariffs. The additional revenue aims to combat over-tourism and enhance local conditions.

Bali, Indonesia: Starting February 14, Bali introduces a $10 fee for foreign visitors, dedicated to environmental and cultural preservation. The budget-friendly destination seeks to manage its growth sustainably.

Barcelona & Valencia, Spain: Barcelona’s city tourism tax is set to rise in April 2024, targeting a shift from mass to premium tourism. Simultaneously, Valencia plans a variable tourist tax across the region, fostering responsible travel.

Denmark: Denmark looks ahead to 2025 with a proposed “passenger tax” on flights, supporting the transition to sustainable fuels in aviation.

Iceland: Following its neighbors, Iceland confirms a tourist tax in 2024, directed toward sustainability initiatives aligning with carbon neutrality goals by 2040.

Greece: Greece introduces a seasonal climate tax at accommodations during peak travel months, varying based on the establishment’s rating.

Olhão, Portugal: In June 2023, Olhão in the Algarve initiated a tourist tax aimed at mitigating adverse tourism effects, setting rates for peak and off-peak seasons.

Venice, Italy: To regulate tourist influx, Venice plans a €5 fee on select days in 2024, managed through a digital portal.

Moreover, the European Union introduces a new tourist visa requirement in 2024, requiring a €7 application fee for travelers from outside the Schengen zone.

Several other countries worldwide already charge tourist fees for entry, contributing to managing tourism levels and funding sustainability efforts.

This evolving landscape prompts travelers to stay informed about destination-specific fees as they plan their journeys in 2024.