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EasyJet Latest Airline to Dismiss Covid Mask Restrictions

EasyJet Relaxes Mask Restrictions On Its Flights

EasyJet Latest Airline to Dismiss Covid Mask Restrictions.

The UK’s largest budget airline has joined the list of airlines that have dropped its obligatory mask regulation on all flights.

EasyJet has stated that it would no longer require customers or staff to wear masks on flights from March 27. Flights from England to Denmark, Gibraltar, Norway, and Hungary would be the same, but not between Scotland and those destinations.

A statement from the carrier said: “EasyJet is pleased to see the start of a return to truly restriction-free flying for UK consumers, following the welcome removal of all remaining UK travel restrictions last week. Any customers or crew who wish to continue wearing a mask will of course have their personal choice respected.”

Both Jet2 and Tui recently stated that they would no longer legally need masks to be worn on most of their flights, while they would still be required for disembarking in most locations.

Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic announced mask rule relaxations, with Virgin undertaking a progressive relaxing of the regulations beginning with flights to Caribbean locations, and BA similarly no longer forcing passengers to wear masks when their destination does not need it.

All these airlines, however, recommend that customers continue to wear masks on flights.