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Essentials of Modern PMS for Any Hotel

Choosing a proper hotel management software can be tricky due to a huge number of options available in the market. It can become quite confusing, and there is no single piece of software that could be ideal for all hotels. There is no one size fits all option, so hoteliers need to choose carefully based on individual requirements and needs.

There are some must-have features or qualities of any modern hotel management system or PMS that you are considering:

  1. Easy to use interface: User-friendly interface is one of the most important requirements of any PMS. If the interface is complex then there may be lot of mistakes made by the staff while using the application, which could cost you lot of time and money. Common and frequent tasks should not take lot of time and should be done in just few clicks.
  2. Mobile optimized: The manager, housekeeping workers or other staff members may need to check details of a booking quickly. They should be able to do so while on the move through their smartphones or tablets. They should not have to rush back to the office to access the information on the computer. For this reason the PMS has to be mobile optimized in order to increase its efficieny and usefulness.
  3. Email automation: The PMS should have the feature to create and save email templates, send automated emails to guests at various levels of their booking journey, right from pre-arrival to post-checkout . You should be able to send different kinds of emails like followups, thank you messages, upsells, reminders, etc
  4. Cover all important aspects of operations: The PMS should have features/capabilities that cover all major departments and aspects of hotel operations including housekeeping management, reservation management, room management, invoicing, rate and inventory management, etc
  5. Powerful Reporting: You need to know how your business is progressing as compared to previous time-periods. You need to be able to extract various kinds of data of different time periods in order to measure, evaluate, monitor and track your revenues, expenses, profits or losses, occupancy rates, etc. The PMS should enable you to pull out different kinds of reports in order to analyze your business in detail.
  6. Accounting: Accounting is one of the most important areas which the PMS has to cover. The PMS should have advanced accounting functionalities which collaborate with other modules for accurate calculations. Whether it is invoicing, commission payments, billing calculations, the accounting application should be able to easily and accurately handle all of this.
  7. Integrations: The PMS should be well integrated with other applications or modules including channel manager, booking engine, GDS/IDS connections, point-of-sale systems, etc.

It could be difficult finding a suitable PMS which has all the above essential characteristics and which is reasonably priced at the same time. However there are a few such PMS softwares in the market which are affordable and powerful. One such application is the one from All-in-One Hospitality, which is a company dealing with hotel related applications. The company is owned and run by hoteliers and servers hoteliers. They understand the unique requirements of hotels of different sizes.

The All-in-One PMS has powerful reporting functionality wherein you can generate 200+ different kinds of reports related to your business! It has tons of other such powerful modules and features. Kindly visit the following link to know more – AIO Hospitality