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Expedia Group Announces New Technology Platform & Marketplace

Expedia Unveils Exciting New Advanced-Technology Platform

Expedia Group Announces New Technology Platform & Marketplace

Expedia Group unveiled a three-tiered strategy to redefine its place in travel at its annual partner event, EXPLORE, including a new technology platform to power the industry called Expedia Group Open World, a reimagined marketplace that rewards partners for delivering great travel experiences, and a focus on developing traveler technology that provides the right information to increase booking confidence.

Expedia Group Open World Technology Platform:

Expedia Group Open World is the company’s new, purpose-built technology platform allowing partners of all sizes to use and customize the goods and services required to flourish in the travel ecosystem.

The platform will provide a comprehensive eCommerce suite, including building elements such as payments, fraud, interactions, and services, that anybody can use to speed, improve, or even enter the travel industry.

“By helping everyone take advantage of our technology and supply, Open World will make it possible for our new and existing partners to thrive in the travel market with a suite of solutions tailored to their needs, all powered by our immense artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities,” said Rathi Murthy, Chief Technology Officer, Expedia Group.

Marketplace Rewards Partners for Traveler Experience:

Expedia Group also unveiled a revamped marketplace that prioritizes the passenger experience. Each hotel facility will earn a new guest experience score based on a variety of data signals such as traveler reviews, customer service interactions, and more.

This score will have an immediate influence on the search and sort variables that determine visibility in Expedia Group’s marketplace algorithm. Partners will receive tailored insights and actionable recommendations to help them improve their guest experience ratings to meet visitor expectations.

By incentivizing partners to provide better experiences by moving more reservations to those who do well, the firm intends to foster stronger ties between partners and passengers, as well as increase traveler long-term loyalty for everyone.