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Experts Caution People Against Holiday Activities Due to Omicron

Enjoying Holidays While Being Safe

Experts Urge Caution During Holiday Activities Due to Omicron

Experts suggest choosing outdoor holiday festivities until more about the Omicron version is known, as outdoor gatherings could be safer than indoor ones.

Health experts are asking people to pick and choose which holiday festivities they attend. The Omicron version is still a mystery. This implies favoring outdoor holiday celebrations over interior gatherings.

“We feel like we have a very safe event with options for everyone,” said Courtney Young, the Circuit of the Americas’ Managing Director of Events and Hospitality (COTA).

Young is one of the designers responsible for Peppermint Parkway. COTA is illuminated with around six million lights because of the drive-thru experience.

As per the new study, the Omicron form can spread faster than the Delta variant, which was considered the fastest-moving strain of the virus. There are currently no verified cases of the Omicron variety in Texas, but health experts warn that people should not drop their guard.

“I think it’s probably here if I had to guess, and if it’s not here it will be soon,” said Dr. Thomas Giordano at Baylor College of Medicine.

According to the infectious disease specialist, the development of the Omicron form should make individuals more cautious and perhaps limit guest lists.

“If I were hosting a party, if it weren’t outside, I would probably not welcome people who weren’t vaccinated into my party,” said Dr. Giordano.

According to health experts, until more is known about the Omicron version, outdoor activities such as Peppermint Parkway, the Zilker Tree, and the Trail of Lights are the best holiday alternatives for having fun while being safe. Dr. Giordano also advises newly eligible 5 to 11-year-olds to get vaccinated because they will most likely spend time with grandparents and extended family during the holidays.

“Anything you can do to build that protective wall around the most vulnerable populations in our society we should do and that includes vaccinating ourselves and our kids,” said Dr. Giordano.