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Portland International Airport in Oregon

FAA Probes Near-Miss Incident as Two Planes Encounter Close Call

FAA Probes Near-Miss Incident as Two Planes Encounter Close Call

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently investigating an incident on October 16 involving a close call between two planes at Portland International Airport in Oregon.

The potential collision unfolded due to adverse weather conditions at the airport, prompting the pilot of an Alaska Airlines flight to initiate a go-around. However, in the process, the aircraft veered into the path of a departing SkyWest Airlines plane. The two planes came within 1,800 feet horizontally and less than 250 feet vertically.

Alaska Airlines responded to the incident, emphasizing that the go-around was a routine procedure in response to inclement weather. The airline stated, “The safety of our guests and employees is always our top priority, and consistent with that value, Alaska Airlines is internally reviewing this event.” The crew reacted promptly to maintain a safe distance from the other plane.

SkyWest Airlines also issued a statement, asserting that no one was in danger during the incident. According to their statement, “The flight departed normally with pilots following Air Traffic Control instructions and landed routinely at Seattle. At no point was the safety of the flight compromised.”

Near-miss incidents have been an ongoing concern for the FAA, prompting a thorough investigation into this recent occurrence at Portland International Airport.