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Farnborough Airport Sets a Green Benchmark with Top Carbon Accreditation

Farnborough Airport's CEO, Simon Geere was proud of Farnborough's achievement

Farnborough Airport Sets a Green Benchmark with Top Carbon Accreditation

Farnborough Airport is making waves in the aviation industry once again, setting a new standard for sustainability with its latest achievement. The prestigious Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) scheme has bestowed Farnborough Airport with the highest accolade, Level 4+ carbon accreditation, recognizing the airport’s unwavering commitment to combatting climate change and reducing its carbon footprint.

As the only institutionally endorsed global carbon management certification program for airports, ACA’s six levels of certification have become a symbol of environmental stewardship in the aviation world. Farnborough Airport’s CEO, Simon Geere, proudly expressed, “Advancing our carbon accreditation status from 3+ to 4+ is a further stride in supporting our goal to be recognized as a global sustainability showcase for airports.”

Pioneering Sustainability Initiatives

Farnborough Airport has long been at the forefront of pioneering sustainability initiatives, blazing trails in the aviation industry. In 2018, it achieved the remarkable milestone of Carbon Neutral 3+ status, becoming the first business aviation airport to do so. This early triumph was just the beginning of its ambitious journey towards a greener future.

More recently, the airport became a trailblazer once again, leading the charge in sustainable aviation practices. It became the first airport in the world to trial Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at the same price as traditional JET A1 fuel, a bold move to promote eco-friendly alternatives.

Setting the Bar Higher: A Net Zero Vision

The aviation industry faces significant challenges in tackling carbon emissions, and Farnborough Airport has risen to the occasion by setting an ambitious target for itself. The airport has committed to achieving Net Zero status by 2030, or even earlier, becoming one of the first in the entire aviation sector to adopt such a bold vision.

The Level 4+ carbon accreditation awarded by ACA is a testament to the airport’s dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and to solidify its position as a global benchmark for sustainability.