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Finland Become First EU Country To Test Digital Passports

The EU Commission will fund the initiative of testing digital passports

Finland Become First EU Country To Test Digital Passports

Finland has announced its aims to test a digital travel passport for cross-border travel (a smartphone app containing digital versions of travel papers). Finland will be the first EU country to put the digital passport to the test in this way. Finland’s intention to test the ‘Digital Passport’ follows a request from the European Commission that select member states carry out the pilot project. The states will publish a report on their experiences to submit a recommendation for the project’s implementation in all member nations. The EU Commission will fund the initiative.

It is worth noting that the ‘Digital Passport’ will initially be implemented in Finland and Croatia. Once the funds are authorized, the travel requirements will be tested at Helsinki Airport. According to a media source, digital requirements will help to speed up travel and border procedures.

According to the Finnish newspaper, Inspector Mikko Väisänen of the Finnish Border Guard said that the “ funding application for the ‘Digital Passport’ is being drafted for commission. This application must be submitted by August 31st. Following the funding of the application, a decision will be made on whether or not to begin the project.”

He also added that if the initiative is authorized, a phone app with travel instructions will be sent to a group of volunteers. Passengers will be able to use the app to electronically communicate their travel needs to border officials. The app’s data will be confirmed ahead of time and erased after the journey.