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GBTA Polls Suggests A Cautious Stance Towards Omicron

Omicron & Business Travel

GBTA Polls Suggests A Cautious Stance To Omicron-Fuelled Regulations

The omicron COVID-19 variation is causing businesses to rethink their business travel policy. According to the Global Business Travel Association’s most recent poll, many employers are taking a “wait-and-see” attitude before imposing additional limitations or requirements on business travel. Furthermore, the majority believe that governments should demand overseas visitors to demonstrate that they are completely vaccinated, and that pre-trip negative testing should be necessary regardless of vaccination status.

The following are some of the highlights from the latest GBTA omicron variant poll:

  • Business Travel Industry concerned about Omicron in terms of potential economic impacts.
  • 82% of people are concerned about how omicron will affect their revenue.
  • 69% are concerned about hiring in the sector, 61% are concerned about the safety of business travel.
  • Omicron has impacted business travel suppliers and travel management companies. There is a decrease in company bookings.

On a worldwide scale, there are signs of a more cautious approach to imposing additional limits or criteria for business travel, and corporations are sticking to their present plans for the return to business travel.

  • 53% people say their firm is unlikely to impose any further restrictions, 19% say their firm is still contemplating whether to impose restrictions or not.
  • 17% people report their firm has already imposed restrictions on business travel.

The GBTA omicron variant poll was conducted Dec. 6-12, and a total of 732 responses were received.