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Geneva Food Guide

Geneva Tourism Launches Exclusive Culinary Guide

Geneva Tourism Launches Exclusive Culinary Guide In Collaboration With Food Expert Sebastien Ripari

Geneva Tourism has launched its inaugural Geneva Food Guide in collaboration with renowned food expert Sebastien Ripari. This comprehensive guide aims to showcase the city’s diverse culinary landscape and promote gastronomic tourism in Geneva. 

The guide highlights the best local eateries, restaurants, and food shops, providing visitors with an authentic taste of Geneva’s culinary heritage.

Key points of the guide include:

  1. Local Recommendations: The guide features recommendations from local chefs, food bloggers, and experts, ensuring that visitors experience the authentic flavors of Geneva.
  2. Food and Drink: The guide covers a wide range of food and drink options, including traditional Swiss dishes, international cuisine, and specialty shops.
  3. Hidden Gems: The guide highlights lesser-known eateries and food spots, providing visitors with unique and offbeat dining experiences.
  4. Culinary Experiences: The guide includes recommendations for culinary experiences such as food tours and cooking classes.
  5. Sustainable Tourism: The guide emphasizes sustainable tourism practices, encouraging visitors to support local businesses and reduce their environmental impact.

Overall, the Geneva Food Guide is an essential resource for anyone looking to explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene and experience the authentic flavors of Geneva. It features a variety of traditional Swiss dishes, including:

  1. Rosti: A crispy, golden-cooked potato pancake that is a staple in Swiss restaurants.
  2. Raclette: A dish invented by Swiss mountain shepherds, typically served with melted cheese and potatoes.
  3. Cardon Genevois: A popular vegetable dish in Geneva, often served as a side dish during Christmas dinner.
  4. Malakoff: A ball of fried cheese, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, often featured at festivals and local restaurants.
  5. Swiss Meringue: A light and airy delicacy made from egg whites and sugar, often used in meringue cookies and buttercream frosting.
  6. Bircher Muesli: A famous Swiss breakfast dish made from yogurt, oat flakes, bananas, apples, and berries, with optional additions like figs or dates.

These dishes showcase the diversity and richness of Geneva’s culinary culture, highlighting the city’s unique gastronomic heritage.

Sébastien Ripari was inspired to create the Geneva Food Guide by his desire to rediscover the culinary scene of his hometown, Geneva, where he grew up. He had spent over 30 years traveling the world, discovering different cuisines and traditions, but he knew little about the restaurants in his native city. 

This guide was born out of his passion for gastronomy and his curiosity about the local food scene. Ripari wanted to share his expertise and knowledge with visitors, showcasing the diversity and authenticity of Geneva’s gastronomic landscape. 

Food Expert Sebastien Ripari

He collaborated with the Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation to create a comprehensive guide that highlights 60 emblematic establishments, from fine dining restaurants to neighborhood bistros and provides expert advice for each location

Sébastien Ripari carefully selected 60 emblematic establishments featured in the guide, showcasing the diverse and authentic gastronomic scene of Geneva. He also provided expert advice for each address included in the guide.

As a renowned gastronomic expert and consultant, Ripari brought his unique expertise to the project, ensuring the guide represents the best of Geneva’s food scene. His involvement lends credibility and authority to the guide, as he is considered one of the foremost international experts in gastronomy, known for his work with Michelin-starred chefs and culinary trends.