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Greece Strives For Tourism Revival In 2022

Greece Hoping for Strong Tourism Recovery

Greece Strives For Tourism Revival In 2022

Despite the ongoing obstacles, Greek authorities have said they expect their country’s tourism rebounds this year.

Greece has been praised for its handling of the pandemic, and after an early halt in bookings due to the Ukraine-Russia situation, there are no cancellations for 2022, she added.

“We want to see this conflict end so we can get back to normalcy. We firmly believe that tourism will be the engine of growth again,” Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki said.

According to the Central Bank of Greece, tourism is a significant pillar of the Greek economy, contributing to around one-fifth of GDP.

In 2019, Greece had a record 32 million visitor arrivals and a tourism income of 18 billion euros (19.5 billion US dollars). In today’s scenario, the industry is working hard to overcome COVID-imposed problems, which have been compounded by the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

As the China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism continues, the two officials stated that Greece is eager to welcome more Chinese visitors.