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Hamad International Airport Milestone Achievement

Hamad International Airport has become a preferred choice for international visitors to Doha

Hamad International Airport Reaches Milestone of 50 Million Passengers in a Year

Hamad International Airport (DOH) has reached a significant milestone by serving over 50 million passengers in a rolling 12-month period, marking a historic achievement in its 10 years of operations. This accomplishment highlights the airport’s evolution into a key global aviation hub, attracting a diverse range of travelers.

With 25% point-to-point passenger operations, Hamad International Airport has become a preferred choice for international visitors to Doha, showcasing the city’s growing popularity as a premier travel destination. In 2023, the airport welcomed three new airline partners, followed by an additional four partners in the first four months of 2024. Serving 255 destinations in 2023, including passenger, cargo, and chartered flights, the airport continues to expand its connectivity and services.

Ranked second in the Middle East for air connectivity by the Airport Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific and Middle East Air Connectivity Ranking 2023, Doha’s success is attributed to its extensive network, quality connections, and world-class facilities. This achievement underscores the airport’s commitment to fostering strong partnerships with major airlines and enhancing global connectivity.

The report also highlights the region’s increasing air connectivity and the need for new airport infrastructure to meet growing demand. Hamad International Airport is proactively responding to this by undertaking the second phase of its expansion project, aimed at boosting passenger capacity and enhancing lifestyle offerings.

As Hamad International Airport continues to set new benchmarks in the aviation industry, its dedication to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. The airport’s steady growth and achievements signify its pivotal role as a leading global aviation hub, setting the stage for further success and prominence in the years to come.