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Heathrow Airport Getting Overwhelmed By Mountain Of Luggage

Piling Luggage Causing a Big Problem At Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport Getting Overwhelmed By Mountain Of Luggage


British Airways and its main terminal at Heathrow International Airport in London are facing an increasingly challenging problem.

The airline, which earlier this year reduced luggage loading on short-haul flights owing to a severe manpower shortage, is now watching helplessly as a mountain of luggage stacks up at the airport.

Passengers had been waiting for several days. Some passengers have been waiting for over two weeks to receive their luggage, which has been piling up neglected. Some have resorted to traveling to the airport every day in an attempt to locate their luggage.

Passengers Adam Kent told Business Insider: “Staff was nowhere to be seen, everyone was pretty shocked. Abandoned luggage was left unsecured and could easily be stolen.”

Mark Wayt, who arrived at Heathrow earlier this month, stated that every luggage carousel at Terminal 5 was surrounded by hundreds of baggage.

British Airways told Business Insider that it is collaborating with various courier companies to get clients’ baggage to them as soon as feasible.

“Bags on the vast majority of our flights are being offloaded and returned to our customers as normal,” a spokesperson said. “On the very limited number of occasions when we experience severe operational challenges, we are apologizing to our customers and asking them not to wait for their bags.”

It isn’t just British Airways. Other airlines and airports are experiencing similar issues with their passengers.