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Hilton has launched Sleep Retreats, starting at Grand Wailea

Sleep tourism has gained momentum since 2023

Hilton Partners with Sleep Expert to Launch Sleep Retreats

Hilton Partners to Launch Sleep Retreats in Response to Growing Demand for Sleep Tourism

Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report has revealed that the top reason people of all generations want to travel this year is to rest and recharge. This trend, known as “sleep tourism,” has gained momentum since 2023 and is expected to continue growing. The Global Wellness Institute predicts that Wellness Tourism, including sleep-focused travel, will reach $1.4 trillion USD by 2027.

To meet this demand, Hilton has collaborated with sleep science expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins to enhance its sleep offerings. Dr. Robbins, an assistant professor in medicine and associate scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, is renowned for her work in sleep research and is the author of several acclaimed books on the subject.

As part of National Sleep Month in March, Hilton has launched Sleep Retreats, starting at Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui. These retreats aim to provide guests with a deeper understanding of the science of sleep and practical tips for improving sleep quality. Participants will engage in activities, discussions, and meditations led by Dr. Robbins, focusing on enhancing restorative sleep.

Amanda Al-Masri, global vice president of wellness at Hilton, emphasized the company’s commitment to guest wellness, stating, “From the moment a guest steps into our hotels, every touchpoint is an opportunity to contribute to the quality of their overall wellness.” This commitment is reflected in Hilton’s offerings across its brands, including specialized bedding, smart technology, and dedicated wellness rooms.

The Sleep Retreats at Grand Wailea offer a holistic approach to improving sleep, including spa services, lectures on sleep mechanics, and personalized sleep schedules. These retreats represent Hilton’s dedication to providing more than just accommodation, aiming to be a catalyst for wellness and a leader in sleep-focused hospitality.