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Hilton Unveils New Brand - Spark by Hilton

Spark by Hilton, the newest addition to Hilton's portfolio of world-class brands, was launched on 11th Jan 2023.

Hilton Unveils New Brand, Spark by Hilton

Spark by Hilton, the newest addition to Hilton’s portfolio of world-class brands, was launched on 11th Jan 2023. As a result of comprehensive research, the launch of Spark by Hilton fills a need in the market by introducing a new premium economy accommodation alternative to fulfill the demands of an even greater number of guests and owners who desire value, quality, and consistency.

Spark by Hilton offers every guest a simple, dependable, and pleasant stay at an affordable price. Spark by Hilton employs a unique conversion approach to provide owners with a compelling investment opportunity.

Spark by Hilton is the result of Hilton’s ongoing efforts to evaluate the market and create new brands to fulfill the shifting demands of guests and owners, as well as to provide a hotel for every traveler on every trip. In the last 15 years, Hilton has organically increased its brand portfolio and number of rooms across the globe by more than a factor of two, resulting in a wide, but complementary, variety of brands across categories.

Guests’ Value and Consistency:

Spark by Hilton will provide visitors seeking to optimize the value of their trip experience with dependable, friendly fundamentals with surprising extras. Spark by Hilton’s defining characteristics will include ​​​​Thoughtful Simplicity, Reliable Service, Unexpected Touches, and Consistent Quality.

 “In looking at the economy category, we saw a segment that has grown dramatically but lacks consistency, providing us an opportunity to deliver on the needs of this underserved segment of travelers,” said Matt Schuyler, chief brand officer for Hilton. “True to its name, Spark by Hilton signifies the start of something great – a moment of ignition as we add energy and momentum into the category and deliver the most reliable and friendly stays. This breakthrough premium economy brand will deliver the essentials done exceptionally well for every guest, every time along with friendly service – ensuring all travelers can enjoy a great hotel experience where they feel truly cared for.”

Value For Owners:

With the introduction of Spark by Hilton, Hilton is increasing value for hotel owners and operators. This cost-effective conversion brand offers current properties a one-of-a-kind opportunity by reinventing the economy sector, concentrating on areas that drive the guest experience, and giving a similar appearance and feel across all hotels.

Owners will also benefit from Hilton’s robust network effect, resilient business strategy, and high-performing commercial engines, such as supply chain management, a cost-effective pricing plan, and automated customer offers like digital check-in and Digital Key.

 “Spark by Hilton was developed in close collaboration with our developer community, and we are thrilled by the positive feedback and excitement we have received to date,” said Alissa Klees, brand leader for Spark by Hilton. “In fact, we already have more than 100 deals in various stages of development across the U.S., with the first properties anticipated to open this year.”

Spark by Hilton customers will be able to make use of Hilton Honors, the company’s award-winning guest reward program for its more than 7,000 hotels globally.

Members who book directly with Hilton have access to immediate perks, such as a flexible payment slider that enables members to choose practically any mix of points and money to book a stay, unique member discounts, complimentary basic Wi-Fi, and the Hilton Honors mobile app.