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Hilton's Green Breakfast Initiative Successfully Reduces Food Waste by 62% in UAE Hotels

Food wastage in hotels

Hilton’s Green Breakfast Initiative Successfully Reduces Food Waste by 62% in UAE Hotels

Hilton, in partnership with Winnow and ne’ma, the UAE National Food Loss and Waste initiative, recently concluded its ‘Green Breakfast’ pilot program across 13 hotels in the UAE. The initiative aimed to tackle food waste in breakfast operations and has resulted in an impressive 62% reduction in both pre and post-consumer food waste over a four-month period.

Highlights of the Project:

  1. Hilton collaborated with Winnow and ne’ma to implement the Green Breakfast initiative in 13 UAE hotels. This initiative focused on reducing food waste in breakfast operations. The pilot project successfully achieved a 62% reduction in food waste, showcasing the potential for effective waste management in the hospitality industry. This reduction in waste translates to significant environmental benefits, including a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions.
  2. Through the pilot project, Hilton gathered valuable data on consumer behavior related to food waste. This information will be instrumental in developing awareness and implementing scalable solutions within the hospitality sector.
  3. Winnow provided teams with AI measurement tools and conducted regular coaching sessions to drive behavioral changes among hotel staff. Additionally, ne’ma designed behavioral nudges to encourage guests to make sustainable choices, contributing to the overall success of the initiative.
  4. Hilton remains dedicated to prioritizing food waste reduction and plans to continue the Green Breakfast initiative in the next phase. The success of this pilot project serves as a model for sustainable practices in the industry.

Overall, Hilton’s Green Breakfast initiative in the UAE has not only significantly reduced food waste but has also demonstrated the potential for impactful sustainability initiatives in the hospitality sector.