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Reducing Food Waste by 20%

Hilton’s Sustainable Ramadan Efforts: Reducing Food Waste by 20%

Hilton has achieved a remarkable milestone by reducing food waste by 20% during the 2024 Ramadan, which is a significant achievement considering the increased demand for food during this period.

This significant accomplishment highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

Hilton was able to achieve this by engaging its employees in sustainability efforts, providing them training on food waste reduction, as well as educating guests about the impact of food waste on the environment. Hilton also partnered with local organizations to reduce food waste and promote sustainability.

Brief summary of steps taken by Hilton to reduce food waste by 20%:

  1. Green Breakfast Initiative: Hilton launched the Green Breakfast initiative in collaboration with Winnow and Ne’ma, the UAE National Food Loss and Waste initiative. This pilot project recorded a 62% reduction in pre-and post-consumer food waste across breakfast operations in 13 UAE-based hotels.
  2. Production and Plate Waste Systems: Hilton installed production and plate waste systems across participating hotels to track and measure food waste.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Measurement Tools: Winnow equipped hotel teams with Artificial Intelligence measurement tools to monitor and analyze food waste trends.
  4. Behavioral Nudges: Strategically placed behavioral nudges designed by Ne’ma encouraged guests to make more sustainable food choices.
  5. Employee Engagement: Hilton engaged its employees in sustainability efforts through training and coaching sessions to impact behavioral change among hotel teams.
  6. Regular Reporting: Hilton regularly reported on waste trends and contributed to the national food loss and waste trial to support food waste reduction targets in the UAE.
  7. Supply Chain Optimization: Hilton optimized its supply chain by reducing packaging waste and implementing sustainable practices in food production and distribution.
  8. Zero-Waste Menus: Hilton introduced zero-waste and low-waste menus in the UK to mark Stop Food Waste Day, building upon its success in reducing waste sent to landfill by more than 50%

Several more hotels in the Middle East also implemented sustainability practices during Ramadan 2024 to reduce food waste:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah collaborated with Etaam, a local charitable organization, to minimize food wastage. All untouched food was carefully preserved and promptly collected by Etaam to benefit those in need. 
  2. The Hotel Galleria Jeddah embraced cost-effective practices and has been testing food waste monitoring systems. 
  3. Fogo de Chao restaurant in Jeddah has carefully selected vendor partners who adhere to the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and actively pursue initiatives focused on conserving resources and reducing waste.
  4. Alfolk Ramadan tent located at Shangri-La Jeddah offered a modern and stylish ambiance with iftar and suhoor buffets while prioritizing sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices such as reducing food waste and using recyclable materials.