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Hotel Gift Voucher Sales Surge in Year-End Shopping Spree

Hotel Gift Voucher Sales Surge in Year-End Shopping Spree

Hotel Gift Voucher Sales Surge in Year-End Shopping Spree in the UK 

As the holiday season approaches, hotels are gearing up for a surge in gift voucher sales, with a significant 43% of total revenue generated during the festive months, according to new research from Gifted, the UK’s leading gift voucher platform by Journey Hospitality.

Hoteliers anticipate a bustling end to the year as they balance the demands of gift voucher fulfillment with the operational challenges of the festive season.

Key findings from Gifted’s research include insights into consumer behavior:

  • Women lead hotel gift voucher purchases every month except for December.
  • Men account for 3 in every 5 hotel gift vouchers sold on Christmas Eve.
  • The age group of 25 to 34-year-olds makes up a quarter of all hotel gift voucher buyers.
  • Those over 65 are the least likely to purchase gift vouchers, representing just 10% of total sales.
  • The highest-priced gift voucher for a UK hotel in 2022 reached £25,560.
  • In 2023, 66% of vouchers are purchased via email, while 20% prefer traditional post, especially when dealing with high-end luxury hotels.

London takes the lead in voucher purchases, with 59% of sales, followed by Birmingham (3%), Plymouth (2.9%), and Norwich and Milton Keynes (2.7% each).

Simon Bullingham, CEO of Journey Hospitality, highlighted the evolving trends in the gift card industry, stating, “Afternoon tea, spa treatments, and hotel stays are the staples, but consumers are also searching for more quirky experiences. Murder mystery events, cookery schools, and wild water swimming experiences are just some of the hotel vouchers sold in the last year.”

Bullingham emphasized the significance of providing easily accessible gift vouchers online to maximize business opportunities in today’s digital age. He stated, “Selling vouchers online is a surefire way to boost revenue and give your customers what they want – memorable experiences and a deeper brand connection.”