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Hotel Prices in Europe Surge Beyond Inflation

Europe Hotel Price Increase

Hotel Prices in Europe Surge Beyond Inflation

Mabrian, a travel intelligence provider, recently analysed hotel prices in 20 European destinations and found that rates are increasing across most categories and locations, surpassing inflation. Specifically, Barcelona, Brussels, and Rome have experienced the greatest surge in hotel prices, with rates increasing by an average of 30% to 33%.

On the other hand, Ljubljana, Madrid, and Tirana showed the lowest increases in hotel prices across Europe, according to Mabrian’s analysis. However, the report highlights that Barcelona has seen the most significant rise in prices compared to last year’s Easter season, particularly in three-star hotels, which have experienced a staggering 43% increase.

Brussels experienced the greatest surge in prices for four-star hotels, with a 34% increase. Meanwhile, Mabrian identified Zagreb, Warsaw, and Tirana as the most budget-friendly locations for all three hotel categories during Easter.

“While hotel prices are rising sharply, we must look at this rise in the context of inflation”, said Carlos Cendra, Director of Marketing & Sales at Mabrian.

Besides, he said that, “we have to take into account the surge in staff operating costs due to the lack of manpower as well as the necessary improvement in conditions”. Emphasizing the point, he mentioned that the surge in prices is accompanied by a notable surge in travel demand during this season.