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Hotel Prices Increasing The Fastest In The U.S – A Hotel Inflation Report

Effects of Inflation on US Hospitality

Hotel Prices Increasing The Fastest In The U.S – A Hotel Inflation Report

According to a study published, the cost of hotel rooms in the United States has risen dramatically since the pre-pandemic year of 2019. In fact, according to an analysis undertaken by The Family Vacation Guide, the average accommodation price in certain big cities has increased by more than 200 percent compared to three years ago, the last full year previous to the pandemic wreaking havoc on the tourist sector.

Three-star hotel charges from June 2019 to the current year were used in the comparisons. Except for one outlier, which isn’t really an outlier given its vicinity, all of the traditional suspects are on the list. This includes the following:

  • Honolulu: From $186 per night in 2019 to $654 in 2022, the average hotel room rate has increased 252 percent in Honolulu.
  • New York City: $228 on average in 2019. This year’s average is $743. That’s a 226 percent increase in New York City.
  • Chicago: Chicago is the third city with at least a 200 percent increase, with overnight rates rising from $107 to $321 this year.

Miami, Boston, Jersey City, Orlando, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis rounded out the top ten, with rises ranging from 190 percent to 140 percent. Jersey City looks to be an exception, but its geography as a short ferry trip over the Hudson River to Manhattan makes its cost comprehensible.

The study also looks at hotel prices that have decreased, emphasizing Washington state, Alabama, and California:

  • Vancouver, Washington was towards the bottom of the no-cost rise list.
  • Birmingham, Alabama is on the list with a 3% decline, decreasing from $197 per night to $192.
  • Sacramento, California was at the bottom of the list, with a 31% decline.