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Hoteliers Prioritizing Personalization to Drive Revenue Growth - Amadeus Study

Hoteliers Prioritizing Personalization to Drive Revenue Growth – Amadeus Study 

In a recent study conducted by Amadeus, it was found that hoteliers are placing a significant emphasis on personalization as a key driver of commercial value. 

The research indicates that 85% of hoteliers believe that personalization can lead to an incremental revenue increase of over 5%. This highlights the industry’s recognition of the importance of tailoring guest experiences to meet individual preferences and expectations.

The report, titled “Travel Technology Investment Trends 2024,” showcases the industry’s intent to boost technology investment by an average of 16% in the next twelve months, with a notable 20% planning to invest even more compared to the previous year. The survey involved global senior hospitality leaders representing various properties and management groups.

One of the primary focuses of this increased tech investment is on improving operational efficiencies during peak occupancy periods, with 43% of respondents highlighting this as a priority. 

Additionally, hoteliers are keen on diversifying their offerings and enhancing guest experiences through personalization. Key areas of focus include specific room attributes, upselling of room types and amenities, personalized onsite experiences, and tailored offers for returning guests.

The study also reveals a strong belief in the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring significant benefits to hotel businesses. Nearly half of the respondents expressed interest in using AI to identify and offer upsell opportunities to travelers throughout the booking process.

Looking ahead, the top technology priorities for hoteliers include AI and machine learning, digital payments, and data analytics. Over the next five years, extended reality, chatbots, and robots are expected to play a more prominent role in shaping the industry.

The research, part of the broader Travel Technology Investment Trends series, offers a comprehensive view of the evolving travel ecosystem. By surveying senior technology decision-makers from various hospitality brands and properties, the study provides valuable insights into the industry’s tech investment strategies.