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More Indians are Traveling Than Ever Before

97 million passengers passed through Indian airports in the first three months of 2024

Indian International Travel Has Risen Significantly

Indians are traveling more than ever before in 2024 due to a growing middle class, increased flight routes, and a strong wanderlust.

97 million passengers passed through Indian airports in the first three months of 2024, a figure that would have taken a whole year to achieve a decade ago. Domestic travel has surged by 21%, while international travel has seen a 4% increase as of March 2024.

Notably, Indian travelers to key markets have significantly risen compared to 2019, with a 53% increase to Japan, 248% increase to Vietnam, and a 59% increase to the United States (despite the U.S. seeing a 7% decline in total overseas arrivals due to a robust USD).

Some additional facts from 2024 include:

  1. In 2024, Indian international travel witnessed a notable surge with more Indians exploring global destinations than ever before.
  2. India saw a remarkable 37% increase in international travel bookings compared to 2019, indicating a strong desire among Indians to explore overseas destinations.
  3. Popular international destinations for Indian travelers in 2024 included European countries like Italy, Spain, and France, with a 45% increase in bookings to these regions compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  4. The Middle East also emerged as a preferred travel destination for Indians, with a 28% increase in travel bookings to countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.
  5. Airline carriers operating in India experienced a surge in demand for international flights, with leading airlines reporting a 25% increase in bookings for overseas routes.
  6. The rise in international travel from India in 2024 was also fueled by increased connectivity, as several new direct flights were introduced between Indian cities and popular global destinations.