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Indian Tourists Contribute To Singapore's Greatest Tourism Year On Record

The number of international visitors to Singapore hit 5.37 million in November

Indian Tourists Contribute To Singapore’s Greatest Tourism Year On Record

With the support of tourists from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Australia, Singapore is expected to declare its greatest year for tourism since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the travel industry.

Based on statistics from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) through the month of November, these four nations account for over half (48 percent) of all visitors to the tiny island state. The number of international visitors to Singapore hit 5.37 million in November. The number of visitors in both October and November was around 816 thousand. December is traditionally a busy travel period for visitors to Singapore, the number of travelers expected was 6.2 M.

Indian travelers, the second biggest group of tourists to Singapore with a total of 612,300 visits through November 2022, contribute significantly to this figure. In addition, their average duration of stay is 8.61 days, compared to the norm of 5.19 days. Comparatively, Indonesians remained for 4.66 days, Malaysians for 4.28 days, and Australians for 4.05 days on average.

Indonesia, with 986,900 tourists through November, is the greatest source of international visitors to Singapore. Malaysia ranks third with 495,470 inhabitants, after Australia (476,480) and the Philippines (325,480).

Before the pandemic, Singapore was the sixth most visited city in 2019 with around 19.1 million people. Then, more than 3.6 million Chinese tourists visited Singapore, making Chinese tourists its biggest tourism source. The reopening of China in December may attract more visitors to Singapore.