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Ireland 40% Travel Decline in Nov 2021

Ireland's Travel Performance In Nov 2021

Ireland – 40% Travel Decrease in Nov 2021 Compared to Pre-Pandemic Period

Comparative To Pre-Pandemic Period, Ireland Had 40% Decrease In Overseas Travel In Nov 2021


Per the latest Central Statistics Office (CSO) release, abroad travel in Ireland declined significantly in November 2021. As per the data, Ireland received 785,800 international passenger arrivals in November 2021, marking a 15.1% fall from October 2021. Furthermore, there were 785,000 international passenger departures, representing a 12.3% reduction from the preceding period.

Nonetheless, when compared to pre-pandemic levels, the statistics are considerably lower. According to, the CSO reported that abroad travel in 2021 will be 40% lower than in November 2019, when the country recorded 1,351,400 arrivals and 1,328,400 exits.

In November 2021, 96.0 percent of all visitors to Ireland arrived by flight, while the remaining 4.0 percent arrived by sea. The CSO data revealed that the continental route accounted for most passenger traffic, accounting for 52.4% of arrivals and 50.6% of exits. Following the continental route, the cross-channel route was the busiest, accounting for 39.9% of arrivals and 41.1 % of departures

In comparison, the transatlantic route accounted for only 4.8% of arrivals and 5.9% of departures.

“The November 2021 statistics show that continental routes contributed most to the passenger traffic. Some 412,000 passengers arrived on continental routes, and 397,300 passengers departed on continental routes,” Gregg Patrick, Statistician, said.

CSO said in the data update that, aside from the United Kingdom, which accounted for all cross-channel activity in November 2021, Spain was the most important route nation. There were 94,700 arrivals and 85,799 exits in Spain.

Furthermore, with about 46,000 arrivals and 47,500 departures, Germany was the second most important route country. In terms of the total number of people who travelled to and from Ireland from January to November 2021, the numbers reveal that 4,263,000 people came to Ireland from abroad, while 4,289,300 people left.