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Irish Tourists Warned About Bird Poo Scam

Ireland Tourists Getting Scammed By Fraudsters

Irish Tourists Warned About ‘Bird Poo Scam’

Irish tourists that are planning to go to Spain on holidays are being warned of a new scam that is catching tourists off guard.

On 3rd March, Spanish police detained two men, aged 54 and 60, in connection with the fraud. They are accused with six counts of theft and five counts of fraud and were nabbed at Benalmadena, a famous tourist destination for Irish visitors on the Costa del Sol.

It is believed the couple stole bank cards and money after preying on elderly and tourist victims in what has been nicknamed a ‘bird poo scam.’

Someone throws liquid on the back of a victim’s clothing in the alleged fraud. The perpetrator informs the victim that they have bird poo on them and offers to assist them in ‘cleaning up,’ but during an exaggerated wipe-down, the perpetrator takes wallets, bank cards, and other valuables.

Irish holidaymakers have been cautioned of vacation swindles in recent weeks, as bookings for trips overseas have increased.

Few tips while traveling to avoid theft:

  • Don’t carry all your valuables together.
  • Don’t carry your passport unless necessary.
  • Avoid displaying your cash at public places
  • Be careful with your belongings at public places
  • Avoid dark and unlit streets, arrange your transportations to pick up, and drop you off as close to your hotel or apartment entrance as possible.