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Kammui Unveils Gateway to Japan's Natural Wonders

Experience Japan's natural beauty through Kammui

Kammui Unveils Gateway to Japan’s Natural Wonders

Kammui, the revolutionary Japanese experience platform, has opened its virtual doors to adventure enthusiasts worldwide, unveiling a curated marketplace of extraordinary outdoor experiences. From tranquil private moments in Kyoto to thrilling backcountry skiing in Hokkaido, beckons those seeking to immerse themselves in Japan’s diverse natural wonders.

At the core of Kammui’s mission lies an essential belief: the need to reconnect with nature in our digitized and urbanized world. Drawing inspiration from Japan’s indigenous religion, Shinto, which reveres the natural world and emphasizes the interdependence of humans and nature, Kammui aims to forge a renewed harmony between humanity and the environment.

Scientific research supports the profound physical and mental health benefits of a deep connection with nature, driving Kammui to create pathways that lead to optimal well-being, spirituality, and sustainability.

Launched in 2022 by Japanese-British entrepreneur Maximilian Mackee, Kammui sprang from Max’s own passion for backcountry snowboarding amidst Japan’s majestic mountains. The result is a transformative experience platform that seamlessly connects its community to nature through expert guides and authentic, nature-based adventures.

With the pandemic subsiding and travel resurging on both domestic and international fronts, people worldwide are yearning to reconnect with nature like never before. Japan’s captivating landscapes, among the world’s finest, become a stage for to curate unforgettable encounters, where global adventurers intertwine with the richness of Japanese culture.

While Kammui ensures a sustainable approach through its partnership with Leave No Trace Japan, the platform collaborates with esteemed global ambassadors to showcase Japan’s remarkable natural heritage. Joining their ranks is acclaimed Californian chef and author Stuart Brioza, a recent addition to Kammui’s prestigious roster.

“Kammui takes adventure experiences to the next level, offering deeper meaning and connection to a brilliant range of Japanese nature experiences. Our upcoming Kammui+ service will enhance this even further, but we welcome you with open arms to see the Kammui experience platform for yourself, and to make sure you’re not missing out on the incredible world-class experiences Japan has to offer,” shared Max Mackee, the Japanese-British founder of Kammui.

Supported by influential figures in Japanese culture, including designer and artist Hiroshi Fujiwara, soccer star and investor Keisuke Honda, renowned product designer Ian Spalter, and notable economist Jesper Koll, Kammui takes pride in its formidable backing.

For those seeking an even more tailored and exclusive adventure, Kammui tantalizes with a glimpse of Kammui+. This forthcoming membership tier promises a heightened level of curation and personalization, catering to discerning adventure seekers who crave the pinnacle of quality experiences.