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Let’s Remember 9/11 & Express Solidarity With Those Affected

There are certain moments in history which affect the whole world so deeply and profoundly that everything is forever changed. September 11 attacks were one of those moments in recent modern times.

Its been 20 long years since those attacks took place, but the gory sights are still fresh in our eyes; our ears can still hear the screams of the people; our hearts can still feel the pain and our cheeks can still feel the wetness of the tears that we all shed that fateful day.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the attacks, let us once more express our solidarity with the families of the victims. Let us tell them once more that they are certainly not alone as the whole world stands with them even today just as it stood with them in 2001.

We stand united against all acts of senseless violence and terrorism. Let us work together in making the world a better, safer and more peaceful place to live for our future generations.

The occasion of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 incident is the right time to renew our resolve to work for peace and stability in the whole world. This can be achieved through the collective and responsible efforts of all individuals of the society and through educating our younger generation about the value of human lives.

Let’s make this clear to everyone – ‘We Americans stood united then, we stand united now’. The terrible attacks could not change us, they could not divide our society. That says a lot about our character, courage, resilience and integrity.

All those values that Americans stood for 20 years back, we still cherish and cling to those same values of justice, truth, love, unity, kindness, helping one another, our spirit of sacrifice, and respecting our diversity.