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Longer Getaways and Increased Spending Highlight Vacation Confidence Index

Summer Travel Trends in America 2023

Longer Getaways and Increased Spending Highlight Vacation Confidence Index

Summer Travel Trends in America: Longer Getaways and Increased Spending Highlight Vacation Confidence Index

As summer kicks into high gear, a recent survey by Allianz Partners USA reveals that vacationers are embracing longer trips and showing a willingness to splurge, painting a positive picture for the travel industry. The 15th Annual Vacation Confidence Index offers valuable insights into the evolving preferences of American travelers.

According to the survey, the average number of nights spent away from home this summer has risen to 4.5, surpassing the figures from the previous year (4.3 nights) and 2021 (4.1 nights). The index further uncovers an interesting trend, with nearly two-thirds of respondents (64 percent) opting for micro-cations. These shorter leisure trips, defined as lasting four nights or fewer and spanning at least 100 miles away from home, have gained popularity. In fact, an impressive 23 percent of travelers plan to embark on multiple micro-cations.

Notably, a significant majority of Americans (71 percent) are gearing up to travel away from home for at least one night this summer. On average, they anticipate taking 1.4 trips, reaffirming their desire to explore new destinations and enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

As for the spending habits of vacationers, the survey reveals interesting trends based on the duration of trips. Travelers embarking on one-night getaways tend to be more indulgent, spending an average of $622. However, when extending their trip to a second night, their total spending increases to $775, with an average nightly rate of $388.

In a shift from last summer, those opting for longer getaways spanning three, four, or five nights are displaying robust growth in spending. Compared to the previous year, average nightly expenditures have surged by almost $100. Travelers booking three nights now spend an average of $418 per night, while those extending their trip to four nights allocate an average of $422 per night. For those enjoying an extended stay of five nights, the nightly spend reaches $445, marking an impressive increase of up to 30 percent from 2022.

“A ‘micro-cation’ affords more opportunity to make a quick getaway and justify a splurge, and many Americans are planning multiple trips to soak in all summer has to offer from the mountains to the beaches and everywhere in between,” Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners USA, said in a statement.

The findings indicate a positive shift in consumer confidence and reflect a growing enthusiasm for travel. Vacationers are seeking longer, more immersive experiences and are willing to invest in their well-deserved breaks. As the travel industry continues to recover, these encouraging trends pave the way for a memorable and lucrative summer season for both travelers and businesses alike.