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Marriott and Hyatt Investing Heavily Into How Hotels Smell

Hotels Want to Entice and Please Guests With Fragrance

Marriott and Hyatt Investing Heavily Into How Hotels Smell

The hotel brands, to stay on top of the mind of consumers, are appealing to their olfactory senses which are a wonderful way to persuade people to visit  their hotel again.

The Westin’s White Tea signature scent has propelled the fragrance category for Marriott Bonvoy Boutiques to double in the past three years, and the monthly fragrance subscription program has notably seen recent “rapid growth,” according to Jason Nuell, senior vice president of premium brands for Marriott.

White Tea has gained a cult following since its introduction more than a decade ago. It’s pumped throughout all common areas at all Westin properties around the world and while guest rooms aren’t scented, bath products are. White Tea can be purchased as a candle, scent sticks, potpourri, room diffuser, or large-scale diffuser by clients.

Chandler Burr, author and former New York Times scent critic, believes fragrances can have a delightful impact upon the hotel visitors. White and vanilla are the two scents that will not offend anyone’s olfactory conscience, according to him; white tea and vanilla are Westin’s signature top points.

“The lobby should reflect the brand essence to a wide array of customers,” said Sue Phillips, a perfume expert.

According to her, a successful scent program must consider a hotel’s interior distribution strategy, location, and possibly even seasonality. And this must be executed expertly.

“When you walk into a hotel after a 24-hour flight, you’re disoriented and tired. But a scent can have a way of giving you a sense of awakening, a sense of place, and feel luxurious instantly,”  said Silberman, a travel writer.