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Marriott International Launches Travel Media Network Powered By Yahoo

Travel Media Network Launched by Marriott International and Powered by Yahoo

Marriott International Launches Travel Media Network Powered By Yahoo


Marriott International, Inc. has launched the Marriott Media Network, an omnichannel cross-platform advertising solution for brand advertisers that provides customized content experiences and products to clients throughout their journey experience.

Marriott is working exclusively with Yahoo, an industry-leading unified stack advertising technology, to power its network of owned channels.

The Marriott Media Network will first provide brand marketers with visibility to tourists in the United States and Canada, eventually extending to include all 164 million members of Marriott Bonvoy, the company’s award-winning travel program.

When completely implemented, the network will include premium content across its owned channels such as display, mobile, video, email, and digital out-of-home.

Travelers will have a more enjoyable travel experience as a result of tailored brand encounters. Throughout their trip, the Marriott Media Network will deliver relevant products and services.

“We are thrilled to launch the Marriott Media Network, which will enable advertisers to create curated content that aligns with the 30 brands in our portfolio,” said Chris Norton, Senior Vice President of Marketing Channels & Optimization, Marriott International. “The Marriott Media Network will foster connections through our owned channels with guests, creating a broader and more rewarding travel experience.”

Marriott’s media agreement with Yahoo encompasses both supply and demand, with Yahoo SSP acting as the exclusive entry point for activating the Marriott Media Network supply.

Furthermore, utilizing Yahoo’s enlarged Demand Side Platform, the worldwide Yahoo ad sales team will oversee demand creation and sales across Marriott’s paid media and the Marriott Media Network.

Yahoo offers both buy- and sell-side capabilities, as well as an exchange, all closely linked to function better together. The Marriott Media Network will assist in opening up new avenues for connecting and personalizing ad experiences across paid and owned media platforms.