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Mexico City Airport Resumes Operations Following Volcanic Ash Disruption

Mexico City's Benito Juarez International Airport reopened operations after brief closure due to volcanic activity

Mexico City Airport Resumes Operations Following Volcanic Ash Disruption

After a temporary suspension of flights, Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport reopened on Saturday, May 21, following hours of closure caused by the emission of ash from the nearby Popocatepetl volcano. The airport management made the decision to halt operations in response to the continuous volcanic activity of Popocatepetl, which had been ongoing for several days.

“After removing the volcanic ash, checking the runways and verifying favorable wind conditions, we resumed takeoff and landing operations starting at 10:00 a.m.,” the airport said on Twitter. “Check with your airline the status of your flight.”

Airport and airline personnel are currently engaged in inspecting and cleansing the runways and taxiways, as mentioned by officials.

Situated approximately 72 kilometers southeast of Mexico City, Popocatepetl, named after its Nahuatl translation meaning “the hill that smokes,” has garnered significant attention since entering a new eruptive phase in 1994. The volcano is closely monitored by scientists, utilizing cameras and sensors to closely track its activity.

In addition to being a subject of scientific interest, Popocatepetl poses a potential threat to the millions of residents residing in its vicinity on the eastern outskirts of Mexico City, where approximately 22 million people call home. Earlier this week, several local towns were compelled to suspend school classes due to the presence of volcanic ash.