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More Than 10,000 Jobs Available in Alachua County, Mostly in Hospitality Sector

Millions of jobs around the world have been lost. Many people have been jobless since many months due to layoffs. People are complaining of not being able to find suitable employment opportunities. In such a scenario, it is a kind of good news that the Alachua County has more than 10,000 jobs available, specially in the hospitality sector.

The fall sports season is about to start in Gainesville. Hotels are desperate to find workers they would need once the season is in full swing and their rooms are fully occupied.

One hotel owner in the county has stated that they are forced to turn away guests because of lack of workers. They don’t have enough people to clean rooms and attend to guests. So the hotels are forced to forego revenues, which is a very depressing scenario.

Imagine the plight of the businesses who had to suffer from loss of revenue for many months due to lockdowns, and then when things started becoming better and people were coming to their hotels they had to turn them away because of lack of work force.

The county hotelier goes on to say that when they advertise job vacancy they receive very few applications. And when they set up interview with them, these applicants don’t even show up.